Hi. I have upgraded to v0.20.1. When trying to c...
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Hi. I have upgraded to v0.20.1. When trying to construct a Clickhouse Query for a Trace-based alert, I find that the query that I've written does not to save, despite me getting a message "Rule edited successfully". The other attributes of the alert save fine, just not the query. Upon reload I only see the standard template example query.
That’s strange. Did it happen consistently? Sometimes the loading takes time and the rerender updates the query with correct value.
This seems like regression introduced in 0.20.x
It seems like a UI issue. If a tail the query-service, modify the query to something like
, choose "Run Query", then I can see the modified query being executed in the query-service. If I choose Test Notification or Save Rule, then I see the unmodified template in the query-service logs.