Hi all, I have downloaded the signoz and installed...
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Hi all, I have downloaded the signoz and installed it on a docker, it has it's own IP and I'm running the sample app to send data from nodejs, the app is working ok, the port is open, I can see traffic incoming in the server, but it never reflects any info in the services, even though I do many refreshes and wait for too long to see any information about it, it gets never displayed, what may I be doing wrong with it?
Can you share more details like node version, OTEL sdk version etc
Sorry for my late answer, I'm experiencing some issues with the host server in AWS, so I'm trying all the set up in local, will come back with more details if same issue happens or as soon as I recover the host server
I'm attaching a file with the config and the script I'm running, even though I refresh the page multiple times (over than 30) and I wait for almost half hour, the info does not get reflected in Signoz
Currently I'm running the project on localhost but behavior is the same as if a run signoz in the hosted environment
@Srikanth Chekuri Hi, do you have any hint about this, or do you need more info?
Why are you using
? I don’t think localhost server has SSL.
Oh the protocol was the issue, now it reflects changes when I do refresh