# general

Romil Shah

06/02/2023, 4:55 AM
Hi Everyone, I am using Signoz since a long time and its working great with my Node JS backend application with self hosted server of Signoz on ECS. Now I wanted to sync my application logs (The once which are formed by "console.log" command) of backend Node JS application. But I can only find the way to do it is by writing the logs by my Node Application to any file and then uploading logs from that file to signoz. Is there any way where I don't have to store my logs in any file? And just the way requests data a stream by OTEL from my Node JS to Signoz, similarly if OTEL can also sync my logs, it would be great. Any help around this would be highly appreciated. And Kudos to Signoz team for building such a wonderful product.

Vishal Sharma

06/02/2023, 6:14 AM
Thanks for your love ❤️ You can try out OTLP logs exporter for js which is still in experimental state: cc: @nitya-signoz