```Is it normal for everything to be deleted out o...
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Is it normal for everything to be deleted out of the blue?
@Prashant Shahi Can you please check this?
it it not normal.
we have tested SigNoz charts across various versions of EKS without any issue.
The above events indeed seem to show that
resource triggered and cascaded to delete associated resources.
However without additional information or context, it would be difficult to determine the root cause of these issues. Analysis of the logs and other events should help.
after deleted whole thing, I do not saw any logs unfortunately,
Is it possible to stop that
trigger to cascaded to delete whole resources? maybe via using some parameter in values.yaml
@Prashant Shahi again (after two hours, running helm install command) this cascaded deletion occurs again,
any reasons to trigger chi/signoz-clickhouse resource to delete associated resource? Could you examine crd or operator
that's strange. we could perhaps get on call to take a look into it. can you share your email over DM?