Not sure if this might cause some issues in servic...
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Not sure if this might cause some issues in service recreation during update but I jut got few install script error on executing sh
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ubuntu@ip-my-ip:/var/www/signoz/deploy$ sh

-e šŸ‘‹ Thank you for trying out SigNoz! 304: !=: not found
-e šŸŒ Detecting your OS ... 36: [[: not found 341: [[: not found 421: [[: not found 436: [[: not found
-e šŸ³ Starting Docker ... 205: [[: not found 218: [[: not found

šŸŸ” Pulling the latest container images for SigNoz.

Pulling zookeeper-1            ... done
Pulling clickhouse             ... done
Pulling query-service          ... done
Pulling alertmanager           ... done
Pulling frontend               ... done
Pulling otel-collector         ... done
Pulling otel-collector-metrics ... done

šŸŸ” Starting the SigNoz containers. It may take a few minutes ...

Starting zookeeper-1 ... done
Starting clickhouse  ... done
Recreating query-service                           ... done
Starting clickhouse-setup_otel-collector_1         ... done
Starting clickhouse-setup_otel-collector-metrics_1 ... done
Recreating clickhouse-setup_alertmanager_1         ... done
Recreating frontend                                ... done 230: [[: not found 496: [[: not found 421: [[: not found
++++++++++++++++++ SUCCESS ++++++++++++++++++++++

šŸŸ¢ Your installation is complete!

-e šŸŸ¢ Your frontend is running on <http://localhost:3301>

ā„¹ļø  By default, retention period is set to 7 days for logs and traces, and 30 days for metrics.
-e To change this, navigate to the General tab on the Settings page of SigNoz UI. For more details, refer to <> 

ā„¹ļø  To bring down SigNoz and clean volumes : sudo docker-compose -f ./docker/clickhouse-setup/docker-compose.yaml down -v


šŸ‘‰ Need help in Getting Started?
-e Join us on Slack <>

šŸ“Ø Please share your email to receive support & updates about SigNoz!
Email: <|> 533: [[: not found 421: [[: not found
šŸ™ Thank you! 245: [[: not found
commit head -
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commit d5e112a9bc809e0706f1f86032a4590bbbf75ecc (HEAD -> main, origin/main)
Merge: 975d57ca 428b10f7
Author: Ankit Nayan <>
Date:   Wed Apr 26 16:51:41 2023 +0530

    Merge pull request #2634 from SigNoz/release/v0.18.3
Machine config ā€¢ AWS t3a.2xlarge ubuntu running signoz community version This never happened before but my update seems to work fine
@Prashant Shahi might help here
You can either use
results in the above issues
okay got it
do I need to recreate the service by using any of the above commands u mentioned?
If the existing signoz cluster is working fine, not needed