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Hi Team, @Ankit Nayan @nitya-signoz What is the operator in signoz to get country information from IP? like we are doing in fluentd
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<filter nginxweblogs>
    @type    geoip
    geoip_lookup_keys  host
    city  ${city.names.en["host"]}
        lat   ${location.latitude["host"]}
        lon   ${location.longitude["host"]}
        country ${country.iso_code["host"]}
        country_name    ${country.names.en["host"]}
How can I achieve this in signoz?
As of now, opentelemtry doesn’t have support for something like this.
oh ok thanks a lot 👍
@nitya-signoz can't they still use fluentd to get those data and feed to signoz?
yes that would be great. Right now we are sending fluentd to kafka, it would be great if we can send also to signoz
Yes they use fluentd to forward the data to otel collector. You can follow this doc to forward your data from fluentd to signoz https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/fluentd_to_signoz/
ok perfect, I will change the flow and let you know, thank you once again
but I tried logstash, all the fields get messed up. That was because I did not transform?
Yeah, you will have to take care of transformation logic in your receiver.
ok I will try again and ping you🙂