hey team, I am using <redis_exporter> for exposing...
# support
hey team, I am using redis_exporter for exposing redis metrics and collecting them with signoz with the below config defined in
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# Redis server metrics
        - job_name: redis_exporter
          scrape_interval: 5s
          scheme: http
            - targets:
                # -
Using Signoz with docker on AWS t3a.2xlarge and I am able to collect all the metrics and have a visualisation dashboard for metrics data from instance on ip
however when I uncomment the ip below it (
) then the perf metrics of both the redis instance mixing in the clickhouse (im assuming this is happening because both uses same exporter) and there’s no distinction tag which I can use to separate the metrics stored in clickhouse to create a separate visualisation or pass the ip as parameter in existing dashboard. dashboard was made using query builder and where clause only giving
as the tag to create distinction which doesn’t provide an appropriate value at all. Expected behaviour : I should be able to separate the metrics data for visualisation based on ip/ job_name defined in config
It will be available as either