Hi team, we have recently enabled host metrics for...
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Hi team, we have recently enabled host metrics for our service containers, and started receiving the CPU data like this, I am not sure what does F1 represent in this graph, can someone guide me to righht resources
here is the query used and Y Axis unit is in percentage
@Srikanth Chekuri Can we add more details on this in docs too? cc: @Ashu
@Divyanshu Negi did you create the dashboard or did you import it from our repo? The legend format is missing for the formula.
I created this dashboard myself
Please add the legend format
like you did for the first query. Otherwise it doesn’t know what to format and shows the query name
Ahh, got it, this was silly me, I also disabled the
and only displaying the Formula 👍
@Srikanth Chekuri another quick query on this dashboard for
its Rate_avg and in kilobyte, showing the values in negative as well, is this normal ?
What is the SigNoz version you are using? And where are you getting this metric from? I want to see the metric type to check if the aggregation is appropriate.
Signoz : v0.17.0 we are using otel host metrics on our service to pass this data to Signoz, similary how we are sending the cpu and memory metrics
Why are you trying to use rate on gauge metric?
hmm, Not sure If I understood this, I was hoping to get the rate of change in memory usage with time
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