Hello! :wave: How long should I wait for the signo...
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Hello! 👋 How long should I wait for the signoz install through Helm Chart to be up and running? (10 minutes and still 3
in init state)
Hey @Romain Billot 👋 It usually takes around few minutes for the cluster to be ready. We have most of the SigNoz components wait using init containers until ClickHouse server is up and ready. can you share output of
kubectl describe
on the CHI pod? It could be caused by insufficient resources are available in the K8s cluster.
Of course, which one is the `CHI`pod ?
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pod/my-release-clickhouse-operator-6cd847968c-gtz8d             2/2     Running    0          20m
pod/my-release-k8s-infra-otel-agent-8t7s2                       1/1     Running    0          20m
pod/my-release-k8s-infra-otel-deployment-996c685cd-rh6fx        1/1     Running    0          20m
pod/my-release-signoz-frontend-88797f77b-wgrkp                  0/1     Init:0/1   0          20m
pod/my-release-signoz-otel-collector-5d6c68ff4b-97f8k           0/1     Init:0/1   0          20m
pod/my-release-signoz-otel-collector-metrics-689f4cf947-kf7jn   0/1     Init:0/1   0          20m
you mean the operator ?
ok i think you meant the statefulset, and you were right:
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Warning  FailedCreate  8m32s (x20 over 41m)  statefulset-controller  create Pod chi-my-release-clickhouse-cluster-0-0-0 in StatefulSet chi-my-release-clickhouse-cluster-0-0 failed error: failed to create PVC data-volumeclaim-template-chi-my-release-clickhouse-cluster-0-0-0: persistentvolumeclaims "data-volumeclaim-template-chi-my-release-clickhouse-cluster-0-0-0" is forbidden: Internal error occurred: 2 default StorageClasses were found
I guess it's playtime with longhorn
@Romain Billot I see that there were two default storage classes. You can use
configuration to desired storage class for the PVCs.
Thank you very much for you time Prashant, I really appreciate it! 👍
Happy to help 🙂