I'm wondering: does the signoz flavored OTEL colle...
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I'm wondering: does the signoz flavored OTEL collector image contain the "contrib" stuff too? I need to export my traces and metrics to Datadog too.
Yes, signoz otel collector is on top of otel “contrib” repo. Btw what’s your use case for sending to signoz and datadog using signoz otel collector?
I'm trying to migrate our app from Datadog to an OTEL based solution that we could deploy ourselves
but until we are fully set up with an alternative, I want to send the data to DD too since we rely on that for troubleshooting the app right now
Cool, got it 🙂
Let us know if you face any issues, will be happy to help.
thanks! I am wondering how to view metrics with SignOz. I don't see a section for metrics on the left hand panel.
You can view the metrics on the dashboards page. dashboards -> new dashboard -> new panel -> you will be able to query your metrics.
oh, okay
one final Q: can signoz correlate log entries with traces based on the trace/span IDs (once parsed correctly)?
Once you parse the traceId, spanId in your logs you will be able to filter them using the filters available. But use cases likes going from logs to traces using the UI is currently in roadmap. https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/1799
gotcha, thank you! I'll subscribe to that issue.
what I'm looking for mostly is the ability to see the related logs from the trace view
DD has this
Got it, makes sense. Would you like to create an issue for this, I can link it to this so that we can pick both together.
sure, I can do that
Hi! to resume our conversation about Datadog, I do see that the
pods do use the
image, but those can't (and shouldn't) be configured from the Helm chart, right? The
image is the one that can be configured, but that doesn't contain the code for the
exporter (I tried configuring it but it says it's not a valid exporter).