It looks like host metrics are collected by the si...
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It looks like host metrics are collected by the signoz collector, but I don't know how to view them. Is there a dashboard I could import or instructions on how to see host metrics? Thanks!
I tried that (should have mentioned that) and I don't see how to get the metrics from my k8s nodes where the agents are deployed. The agent is deployed on each k8s node and I assumed that it would be picking up the otel host metrics. is that right? what hostname would I specify?
cc: @Prashant Shahi
You should be able to select your external node in variable above.
ok, will try that. also, I added this to the daemonset so the agents would get installed on all the nodes. tolerations: - key: operator: Exists effect:
@Barbara Walters That would not be necessary.
ok, but the agents don't start on all the nodes. is not that needed?
what I'm trying to accomplish is getting the host metrics, in particular network connection information from all the nodes in the cluster. I'd really like to have the count of active connections from each container, but don't know how to get that.
and thank you for your patience!
I added the with-variable dashboard and could select my nodes, but I'm still not seeing data in the dashboard. The only panel that has anything displayed is the "signoz collector up" panel. I'm seeing plenty of traces, just no host metric data. any advice?
There is one node that IS reporting host metrics. It's the node where the collector and collector-metrics pods are running as well as an agent (I have 3 nodes where the signoz pods are running). But if I select another node with that one, or just any other node, I get no data. And I've upgraded to 0.14.0