Hi guys! I followed the tutorial in <https://signo...
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Hi guys! I followed the tutorial in https://signoz.io/blog/opentelemetry-react/ and got a frontend app & signoz running on my local machine. The frontend app sends trace information to http://localhost:4318/v1/traces with service name
. If I understand it right, after clicking the button on the web page, there would be a new service named
appearing on the admin page http://localhost:3301/services, but there’s not. Could someone help with this? Available services are shown below.
I checked frontend trace reporting APIs, they got 200 return code with body `{"partialSuccess":{}}`so I guess the collector already got the messages.
@filosfino 1. can you confirm if the time selected in top corner is the time in which frontend apps has sent the data 2. Try running troubleshooting app where your frontend app is running and share the response you get https://signoz.io/docs/install/troubleshooting/ 3. Try logging traces in console - as mentioned here https://signoz.io/docs/faqs/troubleshooting/#how-do-i-know-if-signoz-is-accessible-from-my-application