Hey, since there is an API endpoint for creating/m...
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Hey, since there is an API endpoint for creating/managing dashboards (/api/v1/dashboards): • is there an API endpoint for users? • also, is there currently a documentation for the API (haven't found one)? • last question, is there a guide/doc for user management? (possible settings, etc...)
@Teymour We don't have any API docs yet. Curious, what are the use cases you had for API endpoint for users? docs for user management - https://signoz.io/docs/userguide/authentication/
@Pranay: Hey Pranay, sorry for the late answer. I have been tearing down and re-creating a signoz setup with terraform/ansible several times over the last few days. And was just wondering if there was a way to automatically provision a setup with pre-defined users.
But it's not critical as I will be saving the signoz.db (sqlite) to a seperate non deletable volume when the time comes.
Regarding the import of dashboards via API, where do you get the bearer token from? That's something I haven't been able to figure out yet with a quick search.
@Teymour there is an auth component at query-service. After a user provides correct credentials, they receive a bearer token which is stored at frontend and passed to every request to backend. Every token has an expiry period, probably 30 mins after which a new token is provided using refreshToken api