SigNoz Its all bit overwhelming UI wise. Might I a...
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SigNoz Its all bit overwhelming UI wise. Might I ask why the decision has been made to deliver SN as virgin as possible? As in no examples in Exceptions, Alerts, Dasboard etc etc. Working stuff there could ease the learning curve. You might consider having docker two versions: one virgin and one with quit a few examples. PS Kudos for all the youtube videos, good stuff.
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Thats a good suggestion @Jan Bessels Currently we are working on adding more examples and docs. We have updated docs for Dashboards now. Will be adding docs for exceptions soon. Any specific questions you had on exceptions and alerts? Happy to answer
I'm to new to SN to really make suggestions at this point about alerts and exceptions. I've basically no idea how to create them. What would be very useful are some example dashboards for the HOT ROD example data. I've noticed its possible to import JSON - assuming there is a also an export of it. Sharing those somewhere would be awesome. I've to look at the videos to get a better feel for SN. Tomorrow there is a demo about the DIY Query builder, I've sent in the invitation and will be joining. Perhaps then I get a better feeling for SN. Going to look at the new examples you mentioned.