Hi Team, ```change baseURL to <test environment...
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Hi Team,
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change baseURL to <test environment URL> in file src/constants/env.ts
Please provide the baseURL.
I have some doubts on how do you test your changes End to End locally. Currently I am working on this issue. https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/issues/1353 Basically I am trying to achieve a sql Injection. Since my setup is new my DB is probably empty. I got query-service running. I see we are using sqllite during development. According to the docs the OTEL collects the App stats from the applications, which is stored in clickhouse and that is fetched by query-service and displayed at the frontend. I just want to know how I can do this locally and test my changes. Is there any documentation on this?
Can you DM @Prashant Shahi for base URL
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