Hello Team , I am Funke Faith Olasupo :star-struck...
# contributing
Hello Team , I am Funke Faith Olasupo 🤩, Its so amazing to be here 🥰 I will be contributing to Signoz documentation, I am open to learn more from everyone on how to make Signoz better 🤩
Hello Funke, welcome to the SigNoz community. We are glad that you are here. So here are a couple of things I would like you to know. 1. We are currently not accepting application for Google Season of Docs. 2. If you would like to contribute to the documentation, refer to signoz website repository and see what all issues you could work on. 3. We have a SigNoz Technical Writer Program as well, so if you are interested, check that out here. 4. For general code contribution, we have a well defined contributing readme file here.