Hi Team this is Jay. evaluating signoz as of now. ...
# general
Hi Team this is Jay. evaluating signoz as of now. On the installation front need to do few pocs on local kubernetes instance. i have a m1 max machine. The instructions say that it is not supported for arm64 . Can you please throw some light on it? as the backend is implemented in golang should not it work fine ? or we do not build docker images based on both architecture currently in ci/cd pipeline?
cc: @Prashant Shahi
Hey @Jay Ghiya 👋 You are right, SigNoz backend (Query-service) is written in Golang and it works fine with ARM64. However, we have other components which are yet to be updated to work for ARM, mainly Alertmanager and Zookeeper. We will be working on the same in near future.
Also, you should be able to install SigNoz in local K8s cluster in M1 machine, since M1 chip attempts to run AMD image, though not 100% compatiable, it should be able to spin up SigNoz cluster. Just that you would find it slow to become ready and perhaps some performance issues.
thankyou so much for prompt response 🙂 . Understood 🙂