Hi I have been configuring signoz for production, ...
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Hi I have been configuring signoz for production, some things I wanted to highlight • [https://signoz.io/docs/install/kubernetes/aws/#prerequisites] We need to add, https://docs.aws.amazon.com/eks/latest/userguide/ebs-csi.html addon as well, I know it seems kinda obvious, it might help people in debugging • I had no prior background to the world of open-telemetry before using signoz, came from a datadog background. Adding a basic primer on open telemetry after signoz architecture introduction will be really helpful. ◦ https://opentelemetry.io/docs/concepts/data-collection/https://opentelemetry.io/docs/collector/configuration/ ◦ Because all the of the keywords are everywhere without explaining what it means • Regarding helm charts :- Pretty good to be honest, but upgrading even one components (like changing a configmap) takes a lot of time, some manual on how to install individual components especially the daemonset for k8s-agent will be helpful. • Operations and Configurations options are there in documentations, but they are mixed (sometimes the documentation explains about how to do something if you have installed via ./install.sh and sometimes via helm chart), it would be great if you can have something along the line of below mentioned website ◦ https://docs.strapi.io/developer-docs/latest/setup-deployment-guides/deployment/optional-software/nginx-proxy.html#strapi-server ◦ there are different ways and in a single page its mentioned how we can configure nginx. Even for the other steapi pages, there are typescripts and javascripts tab • Having a recipe-repo/examples for basic usecases like integrating fluentbit, configuring of pipe seperated logging and adding that field in the logs, configuring for structured logging etc, etc via simple override-values.yaml can and will be really helpful and will be really helpful. • Maybe having one way to test and deploy locally for learning puposes like using minikube etc may improve the documentation instead of various ways as you guys are operating with limited capacity
Thanks for the detailed note @Apoorva Our docs website is also open source - https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz.io Do you want to open a PR improving the docs - esp. for point 1 and 2 you have mentioned. If you add the core instructions which you think should be added we can work together to improve it by presenting in a better way