<!channel> folks :wave: Helping out users of SigN...
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<!channel> folks 👋 Helping out users of SigNoz in Production We're looking to help out our users who are using SigNoz in production(or planning to use) with best practices on how to set up SigNoz based on your environment. Our maintainers will take up calls over the next few weeks to discuss guidelines and any issues you're facing. How can you help us? We are also looking to fix any glitches you see in UI or any help setting up alerts, dashboards, etc. We want to learn how you're using SigNoz and identify ways to improve your experience based on your feedback. Your insights will go a long way in making SigNoz one of the best tools for unified observability. Reach out to me via DM to set up a call. Calls will be set up on first come first serve basis. 🧑‍💻