hi does signoz allow for you to set up SQL queries...
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hi does signoz allow for you to set up SQL queries to pull data in and monitor for changes in that sql output?
@Kim Ong Can you share more details on what you mean? Are you talking about querying telemetry data using SQL? What type of changes in SQL output you want to monitor
these are more like functional metrics ...
say all our jobs log their status to a db table
and i want to monitor the status of all the thousands of jobs ... so i want to query that table and see which jobs have failed and alert on them
got it. @Srikanth Chekuri do you have insights on if this can be done or not
@Kim Ong Yes, you can make use of sqlquery receiver https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib/tree/main/receiver/sqlqueryreceiver#configuration and ingest the metric data into SigNoz then you can work with this data as would do with regular infra/application metrics.
Depending on your deployment type you need to configure the pipeline with this receiver in
and it should work.