<@U01SEF3RU8J> Can you look into an issue? <build...
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@User Can you look into an issue? build-and-push-query-service is failing. A couple of changes that were done: 1.
here 2. Build command was changed here The error might be a syntax mistake due to use of quotes
. Though I mostly suspect this to be due to makefile as the command to build docker image work fine when run via command line. Let me know if you got some bandwidth in the next few days
sure @User, I will check this tomorrow.
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@User This is issue is due to the go build command not able to execute for the ARM64. I think you recently added some flags to the go build command in this docker file I ran it for AMD64, it is working fine- https://github.com/rajdas98/signoz/actions/runs/1259271392 Currently, in the signoz pipeline, it is building for both arm64 and amd64 architecture.
Is it a mandatory flag?
@User missed this ... we need to enable cgo to use sqlite3 db and to build with CGO_ENABLED=1 we need those flags