<@U01HWQ1RTC2> is the lead maintainer for backend...
# contributing
@User is the lead maintainer for backend pieces. He should be able to help you get started
cc: @User
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@User - This should help you get started - https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/blob/main/CONTRIBUTING.md#contribute-to-query-service Feel free to add any specific questions you have
@User you should checkout the dockerfile which has multiple build steps 1. building golang to create binary 2. run above binary using simple os image
you might need to find windows alternative to alpine linux image
@User If you are starting work in this issue, please comment on the github issue and I can assign it to you
@User I have Virtual Box I can use that or can work under wsl image
@User I need some overview on this
@User ok - Can you let me know what is not clear?
@User Actually now I am reading the documentation try to understand the product I'll let you know if I face any problem....btw I try to install signoz in my vm it throwing error
@User Ok - cool. Can you share what error is it throwing?
not able to pull hotrod
@User @User
The frontend service depends on query-service for routing API calls..it cannot be run usng
docker run ...
as in image. The docker-compose file exposes envs needed for each service. You need to run
again to retry installation of frontend service. It's like
docker-compose up
, it should spin up containers not found running
Error in 2nd image is error in connecting to docker registry, it's like docker services are down. Retrying in sometime should have fixed that
@User It works
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