Hi :wave:, I was wondering does SigNoz uses query...
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Hi 👋, I was wondering does SigNoz uses query engine apart from Prometheus, https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/blob/main/pkg/query-service/app/clickhouseReader/reader.go#L47 for the clickhouse db?
@User should be able to help you on this
@User We don't use TSDB (Time Series Database) of Prometheus but we use promQL and alerting from prometheus because they are very powerful.
So, the query service of signoz is exactly how Prometheus API is but it fetches data from ClickHouse rather than prometheus tsdb
Okay, so it's more like, using Prom Engine but fetching data from Clickhouse. Do we use the same engine for storing traces as well?
No..trace data has very different format for storage and querying. It is inspired from the discussions at https://github.com/jaegertracing/jaeger/issues/1438
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So, the tracing system at SigNoz is inspired from jaeger, metrics system from prometheus. We shall try to standardise all inspirations after we have logs also