Hey Folks, :wave: We just published our monthly pr...
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Hey Folks, 👋 We just published our monthly product update - SigNal 10. 🧑‍💻 We actually do this every month, and I will be sharing some key updates from it in our community too going ahead. Most important highlight of this edition is our new
Distributed Tracing
UX. We have updated our
tab with powerful filters and we have also improved our
Trace Details
page significantly. Attaching a screenshot for reference. We also crossed 50+ contributors in our contributors tribe 🔥 Wanted to thank all of you for making SigNoz better 🙏 In the upcoming sprints, we will be taking up Login, Auth, and Org management. Feel free to read all our updates and share feedback. 🙂 https://signoz.io/blog/community-update-10/
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All our new contributors in the past few releases 🤗
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