09/01/2022, 6:14 AM
<!here> Reminder for today's office hours on Logs management. Join us as we give a live demo of the newly released Logs feature in SigNoz. Time: Today, 17:00 - 17:45 GMT+5:30 Agenda: • Demo of features and functionalities of Logs Management in SigNoz • How you can get your application and infrastructure logs in SigNoz • Filter your logs to find the exact log lines you are looking for • Office Hours Register for the demo using the link below 👇

Kaouther Abrougui

09/01/2022, 6:21 AM
Awesome! Is this going to be recorded?

Prashant Shahi

09/01/2022, 6:28 AM
@Kaouther Abrougui Yes, it will be recorded. However it is recommended to join the demo call for interactive conversations.