Hi, Dashboard Panels not working as expected. We h...
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Hi, Dashboard Panels not working as expected. We have .NET Performance Metrics dashboard with a number of panels. One of the panel has a metric(process_runtime_dotnet_gc_collections_count) and we are trying to update to use the increase function. If we edit or clone the panel it is not available. Also if we add a new panel to existing dashboard it is also not available See attachment. Only way to get this to show up is to create a new dashboard and then when you add a panel it is available See attachment. Why is this the case? It is very frustrating that if you need to update a panel in a dashboard, you have to create the whole dashboard from scratch again. Note importing the json does not work either
There are two versions of the metrics query builder. Since the old version can't be migrated to a new one transparently, the old one continues to work under version
and new ones use
thanks @Srikanth Chekuri