Hey :wave:, I am here to contribute to the backend...
# contributing
Hey 👋, I am here to contribute to the backend a bit. For my first task I've decided upon implementing telegram alerts (issue link). Any comments there would be appreciated. Today I setup a dev environment and had some trouble. 1. Some DB error fixed by changing the owner of
. I suppose this is because the make
was run using sudo. 2. I had a some trouble with otel-collector reaching query-service process. This took me some time to figure out but in the end I had to add a network in the docker-compose file so internal host could be reached. Also added a corresponding rule to
to allow the container to use host networking. Then finally set otel opamp config to
server_endpoint: <ws://docker.internal:4320/v1/opamp>
and now its finally working. 3. Some line numbers in the instructions are outdated. Not a big issue but perhaps we can avoid the line numbers in the instructions all together as its only a matter of time before they are outdated again. 4. Maybe consolidating the
into CONTRIBUTING.md would be helpful to setup dev environments. Anyways, I'm setup now and it is probably smooth sailing from here on out.
cc @Vishal Sharma / @Srikanth Chekuri
Can someone ping there on the issue (#4700) ? I'll start once I get a thumbs up/get assigned if there is interest for this.
Hey @Yunus M, It's been a while. I have done some basic work for Issue #4700 (https://github.com/SigNoz/signoz/compare/develop...Ellipse0934:signoz:ap/telegram-alerts). Can you get someone to assign me that issue ? Also, it appears that signoz/alertmanager and prom/alertmanager have the same license so I should just be able to ingest required changes from there ? Not that I mind writing the code from scratch because it's simple enough.
@Aditya Puranik: We have assigned the ticket to you 🙌 . Thanks for the contribution.