Hi Signoz team, Hi, I Can see metrics dashboard fo...
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Hi Signoz team, Hi, I Can see metrics dashboard for only 15 mins may I know Solution for this What will be the reason and I can see services and traces. Can you help me out this from issue
batch: {} k8sattributes: extract: metadata: - k8s.namespace.name - k8s.pod.name - k8s.pod.uid - k8s.pod.start_time - k8s.deployment.name - k8s.node.name filter: node_from_env_var: K8S_NODE_NAME passthrough: false pod_association: - sources: - from: resource_attribute name: k8s.pod.ip - sources: - from: resource_attribute name: k8s.pod.uid - sources: - from: connection
this means that new data is not received.
can you check the otel collector logs or is there something that you changed
by Using Kind cluster we are getting metrics more than 15 mins but from eks can't achieve this
in some cases we are reciving data with 15mins delay in dashboards
@Prashant Shahi might have some idea
exporters: debug: {} otlp: endpoint: http://:4317 tls: insecure: true prometheus: endpoint: extensions: health_check: endpoint: processors: batch: {} memory_limiter: check_interval: 5s limit_percentage: 80 spike_limit_percentage: 25 resourcedetection/internal: detectors: - env override: true timeout: 2s receivers: jaeger: protocols: grpc: endpoint: ${envMY POD IP}14250 thrift_compact: endpoint: ${envMY POD IP}6831 thrift_http: endpoint: ${envMY POD IP}14268 k8s_cluster: allocatable_types_to_report: - cpu - memory collection_interval: 30s node_conditions_to_report: - Ready - MemoryPressure otlp: protocols: grpc: endpoint: http: endpoint: ${envMY POD IP}4318 prometheus: config: scrape_configs: - job_name: opentelemetry-collector scrape_interval: 10s static_configs: - targets: - ${envMY POD IP}8888 zipkin: endpoint: ${envMY POD IP}9411 service: extensions: - health_check pipelines: logs: exporters: - otlp processors: - batch receivers: - otlp metrics: exporters: - otlp - prometheus processors: - resourcedetection/internal - batch receivers: - otlp - k8s_cluster traces: exporters: - otlp processors: - batch receivers: - otlp telemetry: metrics: address:
Hi @Prashant Shahi can you help me out from this issue