<!channel> :wave: It's our last day of launch wee...
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<!channel> 👋 It's our last day of launch week and we have an exciting talk ahead between @Pranay and @Ankit Nayan. They will take you through the early days of SigNoz, architectural choices of choosing ClickHouse over Kafka+Druid, and why we believe OpenTelemetry is the future. We're just about to go live! The features in spotlight today are Access Token Management & Onboarding. 🐝 @Vishal Sharma and @Chitransh Gupta will walk you through these features and their use cases. To be live at 9AM PT / 10:30 PM IST 👇 Linkedin Live Event

Youtube Live Event

It was great hosting so many live events, and was fun to produce all these videos with the team. I hope you all enjoyed it, looking forward to our next one soon 🚀