Hello, I am trying to setup signoz with rust's `to...
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Hello, I am trying to setup signoz with rust's
as shown here https://github.com/tokio-rs/tracing-opentelemetry/blob/v0.1.x/examples/opentelemetry-otlp.rs I noticed the following: events are recorded in
tabs, but logs such as
"handle foo"
is not recorded in the logs tab, is anyone familiar with how to to send tokio-tracing logs to signoz ?
Does the tokio-tracing support send the logs to OTLP destination?
In principle it should be there, they have default configuration for jaeger, and logs are sent. I didn't try that particular configuration with signoz, but when I try the default setup, only tracepoints (spans) are sent.
Where do you see these logs in Jaeger?
in the main window:
but come to think about it, this is not all of the logs! after I carefully read the code!
so maybe those are not logs
Yes, you need to verify first if they are being sent to the OTLP compatible destination. If a log appears in jaeger but not in SigNoz then it's a bug otherwise it's the library that's not sending data.
I got it all working! @Srikanth Chekuri thanks for the suggestion that it could have been library limitation! I have now 2 days experience in open telemetry