Hi guys! A simple question, how can I customize th...
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Hi guys! A simple question, how can I customize the colors of traces in Signoz Panel? I've seen in Span Details that the trace has multiple colors (img 1) - I believe that's based on the type of the operation However, my spans appears always as blue (img 2)*.* Any tips on how to apply the colors?
the current design is - the spans from same service/application are colored same
what is your usecase and logic for coloring? Maybe it helps the community in general?
Hmmm, my case is, I have an application that I want to trace: • Routes • Database calls • Redis calls ...and then I wanted them to be one different color for each item. So, in this case, all I have to do is change the service name when sending the spans? I'll have a try
Hi again! I wasn't able to achieve this by setting service name My goal is: I have an single app running in PHP. I want that every item above is colored differently: • HTTP Calls • Database Calls • Redis Calls I've achieved sending spans for these, but, for better trace visualization, I was trying to color then differently. Is there any other way?