:question: I am trying to do a fresh helm install...
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I am trying to do a fresh helm install of the signoz chart and I am reaching this job hanging:
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in which the logs are trying to look for a clickhouse DB
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k logs test-release-signoz-schema-migrator-8fskf  -c test-release-signoz-schema-migrator-init
wget: bad address 'test-release-clickhouse:8123'
waiting for clickhouseDB
This proceeds to wait for 5 minutes until a state changes. This state will not change without any intervention. Does anyone know what kind of deps I may be missing for this error to occur?
the steps that I had to do to install this helm chart...
helm install test-release signoz/signoz -f /Users/me/signoz/values.yaml
1. 2. Delete the job
3. see that all otel collecotrs are failing 4. run a helm upgrade install on the same chart