So, after meeting, it sounds like <this> is a comp...
# contributing
So, after meeting, it sounds like this is a complete blocker for us. If we can’t get balancing working … oof. SigNoz does look nice, and I want to give it something of a chance (we haven’t been able to get any data into it yet, so we haven’t even been able to like, click around and experiment with it as an FE!), so I think I’m going to time-box out an attempt to patch in HTTP-protocol support … I don’t know Go yet, but I hear it’s a relatively bog-standard one, so perhaps something I can pick up fairly quickly. Before I do that, is this something somebody else is already working on? Or will be in the immediate future? I don’t want to waste time duplicating work. 😓 (Also, intuitions from y’all experienced with the codebase as to whether this might be amenable to a quick patch from me, or whether this will be entirely a waste of my time, would be very appreciated. Heh.)