In NodeJS integration, what’s the recommended way ...
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In NodeJS integration, what’s the recommended way to run signoz if we’re using PM2 cluster mode? Noticed this disclaimer and we were able to get it working, however now whenever the cluster needs to be restarted, there’s significant time delay (~10s) between the time old PM2 processes were deleted and the time when new ones successfully start. Is there a better way to ensure that we have zero-downtime deployability with signoz integration?
@Prashant Shahi @Vishal Sharma
@Siddhartha It is recommended to import tracing.js when your app is running in PM2 mode. We haven’t seen the delay, is the delay because of loading tracing.js?
Yes, this appears to be related to loading tracing.js. The app does not become fully responsive for about 8-10 seconds, which constitutes the downtime. For now, I’ve configured PM2 to wait for the app to become fully responsive before killing old processes, which can be done via their flags
--wait-ready --listen-timeout 10000
. Reference here: