<@U02GV1RNV9V> Hey Prashant , I came out to the si...
# contributing
@Prashant Shahi Hey Prashant , I came out to the signoz and found it amazing, hence trying to make some contribution and further on going to contribution.md it directed me to ask for test environment url in slack under " contribute to frontend without installing signoz backed" , May I have the test environment url ?
@Prashant Shahi I’m also in the same boat. I’d like to contribute and would appreciate a test environment url
Hello @RISHABH VERMA and @Jason Victor, We have temporarily disabled access to the test environment for external contributors. It should be back live for external contributors in couple of days. Will ping over DM with creds for both of you.
@RISHABH VERMA @Jason Victor Shared over DM.