pod: signoz-server-otel-collector-5b5cfcc785-xzx8w...
# contributing
pod: signoz-server-otel-collector-5b5cfcc785-xzx8w 1/1 Running 0 21h kubectl --namespace apm port-forward signoz-server-otel-collector-5b5cfcc785-xzx8w 4317:4317 Unable to receive data normally. Is my usage correct?
how are you sending data to the signoz otel-collector?
The data I sent through opentelemetry-javaagent.jar
But Signoz deployed using Docker Standalone can receive
Do you have signoz installed using Docker or Kubernetes? Also, does the endpoint
accurately points to SigNoz OtelCollector?
My endpoint configuration is correct.
As shown in the above figure, is port 4317 bound to signoz-server-otel-collector-5b5cfcc785-xzx8w?
I have installed using Docker Standalone and can now receive it normally.
With Docker Standalone, the OTLP ports (4317, 4318) would be exposed in the host machine. In case of K8s, those ports will not be exposed by default. If your instrumentation applications are running in the same cluster, you would need to use NodePort or LoadBalancer (if bare metal k8s cluster - you can use MetalLB).