Good Day Everyone! How can I change the log level ...
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Good Day Everyone! How can I change the log level of the other containers ( newly installed self-hosted via docker standalone )? The logs seem too verbose, there are a lot of INFO levels like from the MySQL container, Redis container (containers included on the default installation). At least only the errors are what I like to see on the logs 😅 I had to remove the hotrods containers, it was the one that generated all those things on a "newly installed signoz" 😮‍💨
@Earl Tan Thanks for raising the issue and pointing out the solution. @nitya-signoz can you add filter to keep out logs from hotrod containers for Docker? We have it already set up for K8s.
@Prashant Shahi do you mean to disable hotrot logs by default ? Ideally the hotrod application should be removed once the user has verified the installation.
true, but that could take days to weeks for them. And by then a lot of hotrod data would be collected. Logs being the most collected. Since we anyways have it disabled in K8s, we should do the same in Docker as well.