Can anyone asist, its kinda urgent
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Can anyone asist, its kinda urgent
Hi Rexford, Are you using K8s or VMs for your application?
VM. My application is instrumented in go using otelgin
and send to otel collector VM
Please follow the guide under
SigNoz Cloud
to install otel collector binary in your VM:
this works fine. I am able to use to view traces and spans. But I need Otel yaml config to push to signoz cloud
good thanks
This should be easy to find on signoz cloud getting started page
but it's burried in the docs
Apologies for that. We are in the middle of revamping our docs for cloud.
Okay great.
because I have looked at your tutorials about setting up for the various languages and almost none of them touch on configuration of otel pushing to cloud
pushing to signoz cloud
looking forward to your revamp
Please hoe do I obtain a signoz API key?
*how do I
Ingestion token that is shared in the email. That is the SigNoz API key.
Docs need to be updated to use same terminologies across all places.