Hey I have auto instrumented my jvm application u...
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Hey I have auto instrumented my jvm application using the the java agent, My application uses dropwizard but I dont have dropwizard metrics collection enabled for OTEL so the metrics it is collecting I assume is the jetty metrics like "http_request_duration" etc. My service is running in kubernetes so I would like namespace to be part of these metrics but thats not coming. I tried to add
processor to all pipelines but I dont think the metric source itself has the namespace then it cant process it. Also, I noticed that all spans get collected within "signoz_calls_total" so even that metric works for me, but the namespace in that is always the namespace where the collector is running instead of the service whose spans are being collected. Are there any suggestions here that I can do with minimal effort to get namespace?
Hey, the way it works is, there's an kubernetes namespace informer which fetches the namespace metadata and then embed the relevant info using
processor. The catch here is, we need a way to correlate the pod metadata somehow to the attributes collected, for that purpose
is used, you'd need a service account configured with
permissions to be able to fetch the data from API server. Kindly refer to the documentation here for configuration https://github.com/open-telemetry/opentelemetry-collector-contrib/blob/main/processor/k8sattributesprocessor/README.md#configuration. I had tried this in past and it works, let us know if you still face the issue.
I had done the above but that didnt work.
But I figured a diff way to add them to resource attribute.
I just added it as part of my kube manifest that add namespace to resource attribute and that worked.
Thanks for the help.
Another question I had was I dont see a way to switch off "Resolved" alerts on signoz UI. Is there a way?
Can you share what do you mean by "Resolved" alerts? Do you mean you are getting alert notification even if the issues is resolved?