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# contributing
Screenshot 2023-08-16 at 12.22.05 PM.png
Query Service is failing to connect to Clickhouse. Is your clickhouse pod healthy?
Please tell me how/where can i check that
step by step
If you've already tried, can you run docker ps and paste the output here?
essentially the setup requires a clickhouse running locally and then you can reference the endpoint via env variable when running the query service locally, ensure you've exposed the port in docker compose
Okay thanks, i will retry and let you know
i am running this "sudo make run-arm" at pkg/query-service. And its saying `make: * No rule to make target
am i missing anything here
The doc seems to be outdated, can you open an issue and perhaps open up a PR to fix it? from the project root, i.e.
(path to signoz)/signoz
make run-local
see the make target here
I think you are running on windows, you might face some issues as we don’t support windows. Let me know if that’s not the case.