Hi Team, We are trying to use signoz and opentel f...
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Hi Team, We are trying to use signoz and opentel for our go application bu t some how we are not getting trace for mongo queries and the other graphql calls, it only tracks /gql endpoint, Is there a way to span at global level for graphql rather than having span for every functions?
@Vishal Sharma
@Himanshu Bisht How are you instrumenting? Which library are you using? DId you try using otel-mongo for mongo instrumentation?
Hi @Vishal Sharma I am using https://signoz.io/docs/instrumentation/golang/ for golang also using otel-mongo for mongo but what I want here is that i.e :- /gql is my endpoint now if there is a graphql request made to this /gql endpoint I want to have trace for the functions eg:- here is one query
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query MyQuery {
  Token(input: {address: "0xedf345564606fe9ee3a9796d5cc75e3b16e682", blockchain: ethereum}) {
now in this there is a call to a function called Token and there is some db call as well, I want to trace this function and db call both
@Palash Gupta @Vishal Sharma
Hey guys can anyone help with this?