Hey! I think i`m number one instructor on Udemy, t...
# contributing
Hey! I think i`m number one instructor on Udemy, that make a course that contain some content of SigNoz on udemy, check this print. https://www.udemy.com/course/raw-devops-bootcamp/?couponCode=RAWDEVOPS The course was made in brazilian portuguese (pt-br), so maybe they will make sense only for brazilians. 🇧🇷 The content are on the end of course, when we are installing monitoring for kubernetes and some node apps. The content on course are: • What is a apm? • Installing signoz • Instrumenting a node app with open telemtry and send to signoz • Collect logs and tracing of kuberenetes using thist tutorial (https://signoz.io/docs/tutorial/kubernetes-infra-metrics/) • Why i think the signoz is better than a stack (grafana, prometheus, loki). Because we have only 1 exporter (Open Telemtry) and 1 frontend platform, Like the new relic So is this, just a curiosity. Thanks all. I expect with this course i can contribute for new learners of signoz. https://www.udemy.com/course/raw-devops-bootcamp/?couponCode=RAWDEVOPS
This is amazing @Paulo Henrique de Morais Santiago Let me know if you need any help for the content.
Great to see this, all the best for the course on Udemy @Paulo Henrique de Morais Santiago