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#3123 Provide New Relic like dashboards with db, app and external calls time spend out of box Issue created by pranay01 [from Slack community] Suggestion/Comment/Thought/Feedback. One of the things that I've been trying to do is somewhat recreate the new relic dashboard. I realize it isn't perfect, but it's a good starting point. One of the graphs that I find very useful is the amount of time spend in different areas of the code (specifically, database, application, and eternal calls). I struggled a bit to get that displayed in signoz. What I ended up doing is using grafana with the clickhouse datasource to recreate it (and it worked, for the most part). I might suggest that focusing on trying to recreate something like the New Relic Dashboard might help adoption of SigNoz. Having that kind of information available right out of the box would be amazing. Slack Message SigNoz/signoz