# general

sumanth reddy

06/12/2023, 6:37 AM
Hey folks, We currently have apps running on Kubernetes and scattered observability stack with Metrics on prometheus, Logs on Loki and new Relic. Would like to try out Signoz based observability stack and would love to get some pointers on what might be the best way to migrate to newer platform. General idea is ability to duplicate the data initially across old and new stacks to ensure we are capturing everything properly and ability to cut over to new platform as needed service by service. Thanks in advance.

Srikanth Chekuri

06/12/2023, 7:36 AM
• SigNoz accepts the Prometheus metrics; see for more details. • You should be able to send the logs also; since you mentioned you are on k8s, it should be easier to collect them • If you can share some more details about what you use in NR and what are the languages and frameworks you use that would help us suggest something.

sumanth reddy

06/12/2023, 7:37 AM
Thank you Srikanth for quick reply. Let me go through the above links and get back to you. Thanks again for the great product.