I am curious as in what different features Signoz ...
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I am curious as in what different features Signoz has in comparison with dynatrace?
Hey @Shubham Upreti From a product features perspective, you should be able to get most of the features in SigNoz in Dynatrace as well. Though we differentiate in the following ways: 1. SigNoz is opentelemetry native. We fully support otel SDKs and that's the default way in which you send data to SigNoz. This makes our user experience much better for opentelemetry. OpenTelemetry makes your instrumentation vendor neutral and prevents you from getting locked into a proprietary vendor 2. AFAIK dynatrace has host based pricing for their fullstack monitoring product which includes APM. We think that this is very restrictive for a microservices based world where you can spawn smaller machines/pods for specific tasks. SIgNoz paid plan pricing is just based on the amount of data you send us. 3. AFAIK the main way to send data from dynatrace is through their host based agent, while SigNoz supports both host based agents and directly sending data from application without need for agents. This gives more flexibility to teams who don't prefer to run agents 4. We are based on columnar OLAP datastores, so SigNoz should be much more faster for analytical queries, though we have not benchmarked against Dynatrace ( as it's not open source to test) but you can check out benchmarks wrt Elastic - https://signoz.io/blog/logs-performance-benchmark/
Thanks for the details