# general

Dedy Samhaz Romulus Pardede

05/05/2023, 9:17 AM
Halo team, i want to deployed signoz, and then after i had finished read a docs, i got a point used s3 for reduced costs , my question is , if i'm used s3, there no need to make clickhouse pv/pvc anymore? Thankyou

Prashant Shahi

05/11/2023, 5:21 PM
Hi @Dedy Samhaz Romulus Pardede 👋 SigNoz does not support S3 as main storage but only for cold storage for historical data that would be queried less often. Moreover, I don't think using S3 as main storage would be cost beneficial as a lot of read/write ops would be happening very often, which could end up costing more than PV would otherwise.