Hello, I am new to Signoz software, and I am wonde...
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Hello, I am new to Signoz software, and I am wondering if I can create a dashboard to observe data received from an app. The app can be seen in the service tab, with the default dashboards like latency, rate, etc. I would like to create a dashboard that can show the calculated SLI/SLO for the application. I am not sure about the variable names that I need for these calculations. Thank you.
What do you need help with? The dashboards from the services tab are derived from multiple metrics.
I want to show the SLO and SLI for a JAVA application I am running.
As of now, there is no way to provide the target so the objective part will not be possible. You can however show the SLI by using query builder or promql queries. There will be metrics with
histogram type available which are used in the services tab.