Hi! Im trying to build an image with all the conta...
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Hi! Im trying to build an image with all the containers on docker-compose.yml file, I want to push and serve that image on a OpenShift project, could someone help or give me some tips please ?
@Prashant Shahi
I tried to do this: Deploy each image to my private docker registry which is linked with OpenShift namespace, I had create a route as so:
with a service and deploymentConfig. The thing is I don’t get how and where I should push all the images provided on
and then serve the SigNoz App on that route
It will be tricky one but possible.
You can use the public images. If you have hard requirements of keeping it private, you can do that as well.
Volume mounting for the data as well as the configurations would be the main concern in OpenShift.
Also, there is UDF and binary that has to be mounted.
Hi thanks for your answer so I had been searching and struggling a lit bit to build the images on binary..
I have the OpenShift infrastructure ready, with the pod and route… but can do the build part
I had been searching and struggling a lit bit to build the images on binary..
@Angeles MP could you elaborate on what you mean by build the images on binary?
So, first I tried to build it doing :
docker-compose -f docker/clickhouse-setup/docker-compose.yaml build
to then pushed to my registry but nothing happening…
then try this mode also :
oc new-build --strategy docker --binary --docker-image signoz:latest --name signoz-app
but then I got this error:
Error from server (BadRequest): unable to wait for build signoz-5 to run: timed out waiting for the condition
can you try
docker-compose -f docker/clickhouse-setup/docker-compose.yaml pull
from appropriate amd/arm architecture machine. Then rename it, and push it to your registry instead?
you do not have to build it from scratch. If you really need to, you can use Makefile targets.
what do you mean by pulling docker-compose ? I already have the images on my machine but I want is to serve it the app on OpenShift
Yes, you can rename the images on your machine using
docker tag
and include your private registry name and push it there.
ok I will try to do this now. But then how I rely each image to make and see the app on my route/pod. Does each image need a pod ? Sorry I do not have too much experience on docker 😕
I see.
Is OpenShift a must-have requirement for you?
Are you trying to deploy in OpenShift container platform or OpenShift Kubernetes Engine?
OKD version 3, which I assume is kubernetes engine