Hi everyone, I'm struggling withe setting the trac...
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Hi everyone, I'm struggling withe setting the trace retention days. I've changed it to 5 days, but several days have passed and the setting never persisted. I've tried recreating the docker container, restarting, etc. But still the issue:
Is there a way to force this? Or Delete all data and restart?
I'm running signoz on an ec2 instance (t3a.2xlarge)
Which SigNoz version are you using @Jose Infazon? In latest version there are some improvements on retention.
0.17.0, the latest one. I've even block all incoming traffic so as not to have new traces and process the remaining one....still kept in that loop
You can connect to SQLite DB and clear TTL status table to allow updating retention setting. If you are using docker follow below steps: Connect to query-service
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docker exec -it query-service sh
Run the following:
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# install sqlite
apk update
apk add sqlite

# open sqlite with signoz.db
sqlite3 /var/lib/signoz/signoz.db

# (sqlite shell) check existing ttl status
select * from ttl_status;

# delete all rows of ttl_status
DELETE FROM ttl_status;